pretty soon

barring childhood days spent at my best friend’s house whirling together our own milkshakes and diving for pennies in the swimming pool, i think i have enjoyed this summer more than any other. it doesn’t take much more than sunset for a southern california summer day to melt into balmy bliss, and over these past few months i have found so many ways to enjoy such nights: backyard parties, dinners on the patio, outdoor festivals with food and music. even just strolls between shops at our open-air shopping mall had a twinge of romance as soon as the soft evening breeze brushed by.

i was out to dinner with a good friend over the weekend at a lovely thai restaurant in the next city over. we picked a table outside, and pretty soon we were twirling our rice noodles, sipping tea, and exchanging theories on life, as we do. for a moment i looked up to see the evening sky and the last low golden light of the day. i realized this could be one of the last remaining meals of the year where i was seated so pleasantly underneath the palm trees.

it won’t be much longer now before i step out of work and find myself under a night sky. the days will be shorter, the mornings colder, and all those floaty skirts will go back into hiding. but knowing i have so faithfully squeezed every delicious drop out of summer, i find myself looking forward to the cooler months. in only a little while my days will be peppered with the small pleasures of a new season: warming my hands around a hot mug of coffee at the end of the day, padding around the house in my squishy blue slippers, wrapping a coat tightly around myself as i shuffle down a bustling sidewalk.

if only all changes in life came with such grace.


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