when you work at a school, you can always expect your day to be eventful. a couple years in as a teacher, and i already have quite the collection of charming anecdotes.

there was the time i tried to send a rebellious 8-year-old out of the classroom, but he refused to budge and his tactic of choice was to fall to the floor, shut his eyes and lie there, and yell “no” over and over. there was that one incident in the computer room where our students go to play video games, when a boy got so enraged over his teammates’ betrayal that he threw two plastic chairs across the room, wwf style. or the time i was substitute teaching a class of kindergarteners and all twelve of them decided to have a “screaming contest” just as the principal walked in to check how i was doing.

kids test my patience daily. but once in a while, they go and do something like this:

and my faith in humanity is restored. this is a party favor put together by three of my third grade girls. they had made several for their classmates, and on the day of our yearend class party, the trio went around to each friend to bless them with their little creations. every one received an origami cup, which was adorned with a color-coordinated cocktail umbrella and filled with an assortment of snacks, all cushioned by a single square of kleenex. happiness was spread all around.

even in the adult world, there are the chair-throwers and the favor-makers. the former may get their way more often, but in my heart the favor-makers always win.


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