chocolate chip cookies

i’m sure a lot of you have your go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies. i do, too – a gently tweaked betty crocker recipe – and i’ll probably hang onto it for one of those nights when i want something chewy gooey right this instant… or for when the apartment gets cold and i need a reason to turn on the oven. (is that sad?..) but for all other times, oh boy: this one is it.

there are a few schools of thought when it comes to what makes a chocolate chip cookie perfect. i tend to make a face – discreetly, of course – when someone says they like their home-baked cookies crisp and crunchy. i don’t like ‘em crunchy. i like to sink my teeth into the center of a cookie and chew a good while, like you would with a good square of caramel. but i have to say this recipe produces cookies so immodestly large in size and complex in texture that they may bring everyone together.

if you nibble around the edges of one, you’ll find a nicely browned border that will shatter and crumble under your teeth. make your way closer to the center, and you’ll get to that chewy, more tender part of the cookie. the secret to its texture is a good day or so spend in the fridge, so like i mentioned earlier, this recipe is no good in a need-one-now cookie emergency. but by golly, are they worth the wait. if i had no manners whatsoever, i’d probably chew out the centers of every single one and leave the crispy little outer rings all over the place. luckily i can appreciate a bit of balance and compromise. (yes, what a big girl i am: i will eat the whole damn cookie.)

p.s., did you notice? you get to use an ice cream scoop to plunk the little babies onto the baking sheet. nothing gets me more excited than using an ice cream scoop for foods other than ice cream. that’s not true. other things get me more excited, but the ice cream scoop runs a close twelfth.

the recipe can be found here. [i used regular chocolate chips and all-purpose flour (instead of a split between the bread and cake flours), let the dough sit on the counter for about half an hour before attempting to scoop it, and skipped the sea salt altogether.]


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