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it doesn’t take much to get me to stay in on the weekends. i usually like idling around the house… catching up on tv shows i’ve missed, acquainting myself with a new library book, having time to unroll thoughts that have gotten tangled during the week… getting out for a run to the market, if i’m lucky. sometimes i’m pretty sure all that’s keeping me from being a reclusive cat lady are some cats.

but this weekend, thank goodness, i got myself out of the house. when the weather warms up, people want to go outside and play, and it doesn’t take much to get me to join in.


the day began with a hike. normally i find it hard to go hiking with other people, because i like to dawdle
and take pictures of flowers.





and also because other people are in shape and can walk full speed ahead having casual chats with each other all the way up the hill, whereas i need to conserve all oxygen possible for my huffing and puffing.

but you know what?


it was nice.

it wasn’t the sunniest day, but the haze meant the air was pleasantly cool and my unattractive heaving and labored steps weren’t made worse with the addition of sweat.

and then do you know what we did with all that healthy, invigorated energy from the hike? squandered it all at a gigantic barbecue on the beach.

it was my first time hearing about it, but apparently the l.a. bbq festival is a yearly thing. “pitmasters” come from as far as tennessee and as near as south pasadena to set up under tents and put massive amounts of meat on the grill.

you know how, when you’re driving to the beach and you get closer and roll down your windows, you can begin to smell the salt of the sea in the air? today, forget about the ocean; it was the smoldering coals and sizzling meat we could smell as we neared the coast.

after snagging some seats at a picnic table, we sat for a couple hours at least to chew, chat, and digest at leisure.


i obviously enjoyed myself.

the ambitious ones ventured out again for dessert (peach cobbler with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, holy moly), and the sun even came out to join us eventually. but just as the lines were getting ridiculous, we called it a success and headed home. we know our limits.

i find it’s usually been a good day when i come home with full stomach and a little pink on my nose from sitting in the sun. today was a good day.

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