like fresh

today, i started over, without even trying. i had a magnificent donut for breakfast: soft and pillowy, with just the thinnest of crackled sugar glazes. i talked to my oldest friend, and we made all sorts of devious plans for the summer. i found a new cookie recipe to jump up and down about. and the work day came and went without beating me up entirely, so that i drove off in the golden light that i am loving more and more these days, passing under the newly purpled jacarandas trees that line the streets of my favorite neighborhood, feeling mostly just goodness and gratitude.

hope is a funny thing: fickle, elusive. but boy, when you have it, everything changes. it pulls together that jumble of everyday obligations and broken desires and gives it a melody, a beat.

i have no idea how mine breezed back in (well, maybe just a few vague ideas), but i am going to ride this for as long as it lasts.


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