lamill coffee boutique


before i even left the house to head to lamill, i had my heart set on the house-made brioche donut holes that i kept hearing about. with a strong, rich cup of coffee – nothing sounded better to start a leisurely day off.

when i sat down to order, though, i received the heartbreaking news from the waitress that they had just run out. oh well. i was hungry for lunch anyway, so i ordered a panini and a café con leche.

…and settled in at my table outside.

…cracked open my book…

…and then!

"i found some donut holes for you."

"i found some donut holes for you."

how glorious. it was apparently the very last batch from the kitchen, and it landed on my table. sometimes a girl can feel awful lucky. thanks, waitress with the braids. that was so nice of you.


the farcell: coffee-rind american cow’s milk cheese, scallions, chorizo, piquillo pepper

my sandwich came soon after, and my coffee a little bit later. i spent my time alternating between savory bites of the panini (salty chorizo, creamy cheese, sweet peppers – hit perfect little notes in my mouth), sips of coffee, and tender chews of each of the six donut holes.

they were terribly indulgent. and by “terribly,” i mean “gee whiz freakin’ awesome and.” the little balls of dough were fried to perfection and were just the lightest bit of sweet thanks to a dusting of powdered sugar and the madagascar vanilla whipped cream on the side, the rest of which i ate with my spoon, yes, thank you. i mean, when a plate of donut holes miraculously falls into your possession, you just don’t waste any bit of it. right?

my wallet is aching a little bit now, what with all the lack of money that’s going on after this afternoon’s meal… but that’s all right. i had miracle donut holes. that’s what i keep reminding myself.


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