the other night

my friday evening at target…

scenario 1: man approaches me

“excuse me, do you know where i can find maxi pads?”
“…  yeah, i think they’re over in that aisle.”
“haha, boy, this brings up bad memories of my mom asking me to pick these up for h– ”
“yeah, i’m pretty sure they’re in that aisle.”

scenario 2: man rolls his cart by while i am picking out some crackers

“no, don’t get those. they’ll make you fat.”

scenario 3: man walks by me while i am holding a dish rack

“that is a dish rack.”

why, yes, strange sir, it is. i go back to my car now and eat with my friends at señor fish, ok bye bye.


i’ve been to señor fish for lunch before, when it’s a nice, albeit slightly dingy place (exposed brick walls, concrete floors, bad lighting, etc.), and i’d say it does the hole-in-the-wall thing just right. but pop in next door on a friday night, and you’ll experience a whole different animal. the tacos are still messy and delicious as usual (try the scallop taco, please), except the bar is dark and there is beer and there is rowdiness. we got in right before happy hour ended (which goes til 9 pm, an awfully generous time frame in my experience), which meant a lot of tacos were just a dollar each. that’s what i call good times.

we polished off the tacos pretty quickly, washing them down with some nice, fizzy girl talk, and then headed over to the library bar to meet up with some more friends.


after some loitering, the three of us managed to claim a section of the leather couch, and before long the rest of our crowd arrived and it felt like we were lounging around in somebody’s living room. somebody’s very dark, very crowded living room. our group was a great mix of people, old friends and new friends and friends-of-friends. i spent the whole night yelling conversation and waving my hands around and happily drinking my floris apple ale (though remind me next time not to spend $8 on something that tastes just like martinelli’s).


i’ve thought many times – dreamed, really – about moving out of the city. but nights like these make me hesitant to go.

the next morning i took my same pair of friends to a coffee shop not far from where i grew up. we had a quiet breakfast with the mountains in view and locals strolling by outside. i peered over the whipped cream on my coffee at the spring flowers in the flower box, bright as ever despite the gray day.



and nibbled at my banana nut muffin.

and promptly went back to dreaming about moving out of the city.


3 responses to “the other night

  1. supercute98

    weird men lol! come and see my blog! thanks and have a great day!

  2. ellieshine

    I love the addition of pictures to your blog! It feels like I was there.

    P.S. don’t get those crackers, they’ll make you fat. =P

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