blueberry crisp

this post is going to be all sorts of mediocrity. first of all, i don’t know how to shoot pictures when there isn’t sunlight available.



those are supposed to be blueberries in a lovely yellow baking dish (that my momma bought for me, aww). but instead they are grayberries. in a reasonably yellow dish.

second, while the finished product had a nice balance of crumbly crisp topping and soppy-syrupy baked fruit beneath…


the fruit part didn’t have enough kick to it and the crumb part had a little too much salt. maybe a lot too much.

i got the recipe from the latest issue of living, needing a way to use up a leftover half-box of blueberries. the recipe was just all right, but despite its flaws, i won’t be throwing it out entirely. for some reason i always manage to mess up crumb toppings (they are forever melting into non-crumbness in the oven, making me oh-so-sad because the topping is always my favorite part), but this one turned out just right, texture-wise. i’ll just have to fiddle around with the flavor balance some more. fortunately this round was just a test run, and nobody had to eat it except me, and luckily i will still be my friend.

here’s to hoping the dessert planned for my barbecue next weekend turns out more fantastically, because people are actually going to have to eat that one.


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