Yardhouse1there was some kind of basketball game going on yesterday. the bar was packed. purple and yellow everywhere. people cheered… and i sat quietly at our table, facing “the wrong way,” admiring my pretty pretty beer.

we had gone to yard house early and claimed some seats outside. since we knew we were going to be camped out there for a few hours at least, my friend suggested we pace ourselves with the ordering of food and drinks and order a little at a time. oh, you mean i have to sit here and try a bunch of different appetizers? and i have to keep ordering drinks? and plates will continue arriving throughout the evening? hm, interesting. perhaps i like this “watching sports” thing.

i eventually got around to trying one of yard house’s beer blends: the youngberry chocolate. it’s a half-half combo of lindemans framboise and young’s chocolate stout. i’d seen this on the menu before and always thought it was kind of gimmicky – one of those things that only sounds appealing. and i love the framboise on its own (meets my very strict tastes-like-juice criteria for alcoholic beverages), so why mess with it? plus, i don’t even like chocolate with raspberry in real life. but when my drink arrived, i …uh, kind of sucked it down. it was pretty delicious. what makes the blend a great idea is the fact that the creamy stout offsets the acidic pucker of the lambic and adds that velvety layer of foam on top. foam, foam, foam, i love foam.

i may not have come away from last night caring any more about basketball than i did before, but youngberry chocolate: i smack my lips at you.


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