good morning


i have a new work schedule that wakes me up hours earlier than i’m used to and is cutting severely into my spare time …and to my surprise, i am loving it. i get up when the day is still fresh and cool, get so much done during the day, and come home satisfied with the work i have put in.

the grace of summer’s long days means i get out in time to meet the sun on its way down, casting all sorts of lovely light around the broken city i call home. but these days, i am finding the morning light just as enchanting. i suppose it’s partly because it goes along with a feeling: that one of hope and possibility for a day not yet started, of beginnings. i have the deepest rooted night-owl tendencies, but maybe with practice over time this summer, i can learn to take on the optimism that goes with being a morning person. and more days of dappled morning sunshine will lie ahead.


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