almost there

resized cropped city IMG_4377

i had the sweetest little drive home today. it was dusk, when the streets are at their softest, and the perfect song came on. i drove along, catching glances of all the lights just starting to twinkle on, and i just felt lovely. sometimes a good song at the right time feels like providence, small token of it as it may be.

it’s very nearly time to crawl into bed as i write this. the night outside my window is as black as it’ll get when you’re in the city, but i have my thoughts thrown forward toward morning already. it has been a full week, busy in the best sort of way, where i happily bob about from task to task to to-do list… but that means i am relishing the idea of a nice, slow saturday morning. and i am so glad that is only a day away.

cropped IMG_4707
one last thing to leave you with: i just found this song on a cd a friend left behind in my stereo, and i’m already hooked. i have a feeling it’ll be playing behind all things sunny and pleasant i do this weekend.

…may your weekend feel the way this song sounds.


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