strawberry lemonade


maybe it’s bad form to spend my precious time here complaining about the weather… but it is HOT. i don’t know what the temperatures have been lately, but i would venture a guess that it’s around one hundred and shrivel degrees farenheit. i don’t even know if it’s a dry heat or a humid one; i just know every time i go outside in the afternoon i regret my decision.


so i spent a little spot of last weekend mashing ripe strawberries and reaming juice out of lemons and limes (using a fork, ’cause it’s what i got) to make some strawberry lemonade, to see if it would help. i’ve been revisiting the pitcher of it in the fridge throughout the week: pouring a glassful over ice, or splashing in some fizzy soda, and even mixing it into a delicious and boozy drink (which i’ll be telling you about soon). i think it’s combating the heat quite nicely.

it’s a tasty way to cope.


Strawberry Lemonade
makes 8 servings
adapted a whole bunch from this recipe {Martha Stewart Living, July 2009}

Strawberry Syrup:
2 cups water
ripe strawberries, sliced then mashed with a fork to make 1 cup
1 cup sugar

1 ¼ cups fresh lemon and/or lime juice (I used the juice of 4 lemons and 4 limes)
1 cup sugar
5 cups water, or to taste

  1. Make strawberry syrup: bring water, mashed strawberries, and sugar to a boil in a large saucepan, stirring occasionally, until sugar dissolves. Reduce heat, and let simmer for 10 minutes. Strain mixture through a fine sieve, pressing gently on berries to release juices; discard solids. Let syrup cool completely.
  2. Make lemonade: strain juice(s) through a fine sieve into a large pitcher. Add sugar, stirring until it dissolves. Stir in water.
  3. Add syrup to pitcher and stir to combine. Serve immediately with lots of ice; or dilute with more water to taste and chill for later.

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