short intermission

this song. i’ve got it on repeat, in my heart.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


sweet, sad, quiet. he sings it like he’s just thinking to himself.

i’m in oregon right now, up late in a hotel room, working away at those lesson plans. i’ll be teaching a brand new english class starting in just over a week now, and there’s lots to do… i think i’m mostly done feeling overwhelmed, though, and just restless to get in there and get the work done. i’ve done some good damage tonight already, and in the process i’ve found that shaping lessons is actually kind of fun work, especially when i have roald dahl and wayside school by my side.

i’m really in oregon not to spend time with my grammar books, though. tomorrow (now today, i suppose) i’m off to a wedding. it’ll be late afternoon at a farmhouse in the willamette valley, so i’m expecting lots of twinkly lights and all sorts of magical. already the evergreens up here have been enough to make me breathe differently.

los angeles, i’m so cheating on you. and enjoying it.


One response to “short intermission

  1. cookies burning on repeat, in your kitchen

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