this has been a good weekend, guys. i liked it.

i got all sorts of things started that i can’t wait to finish, and that’s just the best feeling.

first of all is this:


{from a post on design*sponge that includes the recipe}

this picture gets me dreaming in all sorts of ways. a cool, country evening… a big porch… barefoot in a ruffled sundress… and yes, some lavender lemonade. sigh, one day. but for now, at least the lemonade part.

my mom loves to garden. there are clusters of lavender growing here and there all over the backyard, so i went home today to gather a spray. i’ve laid the stems on the coffee table for now, letting their purple buds dry out atop a paper towel.

i have plans to juice a bagful of lemons. the family i work for has a tree in their backyard (everyone i know’s got something in their backyard, it seems), and papa boss sent me home with some on friday. i’m trying not to take it personally that they look like this:

but the fragrance – when i peek my nose into the bag – is just lovely. they’re meyers, i think.

on my drive back, i stopped by the market to take care of an ambitious shopping list. can you tell what i’m excited about?

i’ve decided to do all my cooking over the weekend. somehow there’s never enough time to cook a proper meal during the week, and it just gets embarrassing bringing scrambled eggs to work for dinner. so on the bill this week: orechiette (little round buttoncups of pasta!) with roasted red pepper sauce.

these guys are just waiting for their turn in the broiler:

or directly on the flame. i haven’t decided how pyro to take it yet…

i’m rather excited. when i saw the pictures that accompanied the recipe, i just had to stop and slobber. take a look here.

before returning home, i took a detour to a little street where i had seen a listing for an apartment to rent. i had seen the ad the night before on craigslist (i’m a bit of a junkie these days), but i wanted to see this “tree-lined street” in person. and well… it was so lovely i just about wanted to cry. it’s everything i love about that area… quaint, old homes set back from the sidewalk, where people stroll in the evening; and the air – it just smells sweeter. really, it does. perhaps it’s all the trees. oh goodness, how i miss trees like that.

i wish i could show you the way it made me feel. i drove on home then, feeling lifted like i haven’t in so long. dreamsthey make you lighter.


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