the verdict

{a follow-up from the last post}




orechiette with roasted red pepper sauce

oh, orechiette. i will deal with you later.

so i’ve been known to let my emotions twist and warp what they may, and this very well may be another example of that. the sauce had great flavors. it had that sweet, unique flavor of red bells and the savory taste of softened onion and garlic and the cream to smooth it all together… but when the forkful of pasta got to my mouth, it just didn’t feel the way i thought it would. not smooth and luscious enough… or something. i’m going to keep working on this, because it’s just so close, and there is hope yet.

and the orechiette itself? so cute in the box. all “little ears” and buttoncups and heeheehee. in my bowl though? miniature surgical masks or turtle-less turtle shells. bubble burst. just saying.


lavender lemonade:


this was totally fun to make: stripping the lavender buds with one run along each stem, boiling the sugar into sweet syrup, letting the lavender steep and the fragrance bloom up from my little pot.

cropped IMG_5280

but i can’t decide if i really like the final product. is it good because it’s a truly delicious drink? or do i like it because it tastes like a bed & breakfast — and i happen to like bed & breakfasts? quandary.

by the way, i didn’t really follow the original recipe. i made the syrup as instructed: 1/2 part lavender to 4 parts sugar to 4 parts water; steep for an hour. but then i juiced all the lemons i had and stirred together equal parts juice and syrup, a base that i’ve since toyed with a couple different ways. a few days ago, i splashed in some ginger ale and a few ice cubes. tonight, i slipped in some vanilla vodka (left over from that cocktail party) and lots more ice. one day when my finances make more sense, maybe i’ll splurge on the lillet that’s called for in the recipe and see what that’s like.


and did i tell you about this?


oh, not yet? hm.


or what about steak plus this?


(perhaps this is not the most appealing picture. i am still trying to fudge my way through nighttime photography. but the appropriate response to this one is to say, “i would like to take my tongue swimming in that.” just in case that doesn’t come across.)

…more to come then, so long as this weekend doesn’t steal my brain away.


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