grand epiphany

so. i have found the purpose of this lavender lemonade (previous ambivalence expressed here). its true calling? to be slipped into the porch swing.

all that jibberjabber i had going on about how the cocktail tasted “pretty” and “floral”… well, that means it provides the perfect backdrop for some frou-frou fancy-pants lemonade.

here is what i mixed up tonight:

4 parts hand-squeezed (fork-twisted, if we’re going to be accurate) lemon juice
4 parts lavender syrup (click here and scroll down a bit)
3 parts Hendrick’s gin
3 parts Pimm’s No. 1 Cup
ginger ale to taste

the drink comes out on the sweet side, but i think it balances out just fine as soon as those ice cubes get a-clinking. you could also just start with a little less syrup, and then adjust to taste.

i’m sipping a glass now with some half-burnt sweet potato fries to celebrate, for i am an entire half-day ahead in my lesson planning for class. cheers.

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