you were beautiful then

chris douridas has done it again. as i am hunched over in my ikea chair on this fine friday night, slamming together some lesson plans for monday, i’ve got last weekend’s broadcast of his show streaming through my little earbuds. and the song this time? junebug by robert francis.

from the opening notes and the low thump-thump (is that a kick drum? i love it.), and the way he pronounced “blue-carpeted” – i got the hook. i was a little wary when he started in on his high, strangely sweet ooh-oohing at first… but by now i’m quite stuck on them.

i think the song is on an album that’s a new release, so there’s nothing on youtube i can plug in here at the moment. and i gather from his myspace that i’m a couple weeks late in snagging a free download of the song on itunes. but if you’d like to be neurotic like me, you can find the october 24 show, open up kcrw’s music player, and click to the 24:17 mark to hear the song. i know this, of course, because i have been sitting here seeking back to that point over and over through the night.

[update: the song’s up on his myspace now.  bam bam.]

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