the swell season

happy monday, guys. (sob.)

i don’t know about you, but i think conan o’brien is tops in all sorts of ways. i caught my dad (who is usually full of puns and cheesy humor) laughing aloud while watching him on tv one night, and it was like all my world had come together and been made right.

anyway, despite all that, i’ve felt like his new l.a. set has produced a lot of awkward musical segments, which is especially sad when it’s an artist i know has the live performance thing down tight. i don’t know what happens; i just find myself thinking pretty often after watching a performance, “well, that was a weird one.”

perhaps things have improved since i watched more regularly – or maybe it’s been my imagination all along – but i caught a performance recently that really did it right.

the swell season playing “low rising.”

their song really rose to fill the space.


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