so l.a.

urth caffe never fails me.

honey vanilla latte – ordered strong, because that’s how this little machine runs these days.


chicken curry sandwich – pleasantly sweet in between crusty halves of that fantastic bread.


berry tart – tastiest little red and blue baubles i’ve ever eaten in the month of december.


i carried quite a belly around with me the rest of the day – but that’s okay because driving all over los angeles and laughing loudly count as exercise, right?


one, two, three, four…

(holy crap it’s december.)

here are the things i’m loving.

one: last weekend

two: a soundtrack from a certain movie.

the thing is pretty sexy, i have to say: haunting harmonies, hard edges, a little bit of bam-bam.

…and of course i pick out the two most tragic, melancholy songs to love the best.

bon iver + st. vincent:

lykke li:

“so sad!”


three: miss rumphius by barbara cooney

this little book is so… precious. and i mean that in the least saccharine way possible. sometimes things sneak into the thrum of day-to-day life and quietly nudge you in the ribs and remind you of your oldest, purest, simplest dreams. for me, this book was one of those things.

four: this sweater

i’ll be in the vicinity of a large retail area this weekend. things may happen.

five: i just needed to end on a solid number.