“but stop – that thought is too beautiful”

this morning i woke up to the sweet sound of a voicemail on my phone, a cancellation of an appointment i had with a tutee later today.  she’s a great kid from the school where i taught last year… but.  this means my entire day is now free and uninterrupted – the closest thing to a dream come true around these parts.

the birds are chirping outside my window, literally.

so with a cup of earl grey and a breakfast pastry i burned in the toaster but ate anyway, i folded myself back into my marshmallow of a bed and switched on an old episode of this american life.  it’s a radio show i always mean to listen to more often – because whenever i do, a wonderfully bizarre thing happens and listening to someone else’s story becomes an act of introspection.

other times, it just makes me laugh out loud.  act three of the episode i listened to today shone with the art of deadpan at its best.  (the brilliance begins at around 38:20.)

my love for sarcasm aside, i also managed to get a wobbly chin over this:


so my heart must not be totally stone yet.  adding it to the list of things to celebrate this weekend.


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