read this at night

nothing was different today except for the weather… and apparently, that makes all the difference. the evening air seems softer, kinder – and tonight, i am too.

there is always that first of the season when i am reminded of the way sounds travel on a warm night: cars peeling down the highway, a dog’s bark. they skid and tumble across the miles to come through my open window, making the city i live in hover closer in my ears – but soft, still distant. i love it.

i would say nights like this remind me of this song, but really it’s the other way around.

the first time i heard it, i was far away from here, at a different end of the country. this song will always be bound up in that time, but it is also tonight.

tonight i hope you are safe.  i hope you are happy.  i hope that the windows are open and the fresh air comes in through the screen like a sigh.

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