a trip, fall


i’ve returned from a journey over seas and across years, or so it felt.

i am not one for big weekends or late nights, stumbling into the next day with wild stories in hand and unexplained pictures on the camera.  if you know me, you know this.  even if you were to have just met me, i’m pretty sure you would still know this.  instead i am one for sitting by the window and dreaming, listening to the rain and thinking, quietly shuffling around the kitchen – or the pages of a book – and wondering at my life with the volume turned down low. it’s what the experts call absurdly introverted.

so when i say that after coming home, things have gotten quiet around here – it means they’ve been really, really quiet.

the trip was an important one. i saw friends i hadn’t seen in five years’ time.  friends whom, when i left them, i couldn’t be sure i’d ever see again.  time folded onto itself a bit while i was there, and i remembered more than i thought i did: who i was then and who i hadn’t yet become.

and to process all of this since i’ve been home? well, i’ve done nothing, almost exclusively.

aside from going back to work, which has involved some extraordinary snooze button-hitting and high-heeled feet-dragging, i’ve been taking comfort in little meals and favorite tv programs – to a pathetic extent. and my crazy-high level of self-esteem compels me to share the details now.

(yes, i do believe this little write-up is about to take an unfortunate turn.)


food & tv pairings for the travel-weary

drive-thru hamburger on the road home from the airport
ice-cold coke
half of
gossip girl
before wilting into my blankets

a lamington, surprisingly moist and pillowy after being carried over the pacific in my suitcase
teeny glass of milk

crispy fried squid with spicy salt
thick toast doodled with honey
how to make it in america

there is some (anti)social anthropology that can be done here, i’m sure.  you can get to work on that while i go dig up an episode of—

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