summer is settling its big bottom down and making itself comfortable.

the days are hot, and so often i have the urge to do nothing but twist up my hair in a knot, lie back, and listen to the air conditioning hum and whir.

these are the days when evenings are best spent walking off the day, or climbing stairs to stare at your city from a rooftop. you’re free to roll down the windows in the middle of the night and feel not a single chill the whole ride home. and when the next day comes: lap up the warm morning light like syrup.

i just got myself a rather large tv with some rather fascinating dv-r abilities, but it’s nice to know that it’s still good music that has the power to kick me up and awake. this song may be called “barefoot winter waltz,” but i’ll dub it a summer song anyway.

[the first one here, by the early hours]


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