late summer squeeze

i returned from a quick weekend out of town to find that the weather at home had changed. for weeks it seems, the air conditioning in our house would get flipped on scarce moments after i woke up because the rooms quickly became too hot to bear. but now the windows are open all day long because the breeze is a fresh rush of air instead of the hot breath it used to be; it carries the faintest whisper of the cool fall days to come.

like a kid, i take these hottest months as a time to go outside and play. even if you have somewhere to be soon, something to do next, the sun shines and the days stretch such that you can trick yourself into believing you’ve got all the time in the world – for a few crucial moments at least. so you dangle your feet in the pool, drink everything on ice, sit in the shade and daydream awhile. seeing as it’s september already, though, i suppose our thoughts should turn towards more serious pursuits: brisk walks and wearing sensible clothing and not having dessert in the middle of the afternoon. but the weatherman says the city is set to warm right back up again, so before autumn arrives for certain and it’s time to come inside, i am setting off for the store in search of some popsicle molds so i can make these:


blueberry and lavender pops

{photo from the los angeles times}

or these:

creamy pistachio pops
(made of sweet milk scented with earl grey and cardamom)

{photo from food network}

or maybe both. there’s a lot of summer to squeeze in before the seasons change.


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