light like this

the rhythm of my days is changing, and i am finding a deeper love for the quiet of a gray day.

small comforts are magnified: the warm weight of my little dog, her sleepy head against my lap; the scent of tea leaves steeping in hot water, reminding me of something wordless.

i went into the city yesterday with a friend, and let myself dream inside the stories we heard about the oldest buildings in downtown. soft light beams through these big windows that push out to the sounds of the street, rust clings to the spindly rails of fire escapes; los angeles is old in new.

i put a bit of money into fixing the bike i had bought back in college. it’s still squeaky from years spent in storage, but good enough now to take on rides around the neighborhood near day’s end. by this time, the gloom has always lifted, like a shade pulled up to let in the honey glow of an early autumn sun, setting.

now, leaves twist in tiptoe across the pavement when the wind drifts and swells – just a few. but soon our gutters will be filled with them, the curbs lined, and i’ll see that single branch of reddening leaves grow to the whole tree.

sometimes, when i’ve parked my bike and come back into the house and the light is like this:


…i am sure the song of it must be something like this:

(give it a minute or so, and the lyrics come floating in.)

{more dreamy fall tunes are right over here.}

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