red wine sangria

with a bag heavy with unused oranges sitting on the kitchen shelf and a lonely bottle of wine in the cupboard, what’s a girl to do except stir up a pitcher of sangria?  i also happened to have a little glass container of sour mix waiting in the fridge, so this recipe was truly just a glorified way of cleaning out my leftovers.

to me, the best sangria is a balance of strong, sweet, and fruity – and i’m quite smitten with this version.  i used a bottle of chianti from trader joe’s that i picked up for under 5 dollars (under the label aquila d’oro), so it would be pretty painless to turn this into a punchbowl drink for a crowd.  i can’t wait for this warmer weather to ramp up and the start of the season for grilled steak, fresh crunchy salads, and chilled glasses of this sweet stuff all around.

Red Wine Sangria
Makes 1 pitcher

1 bottle dry red wine
¼ cup brandy
2 Tbsp. Cointreau
2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice
about 2 cups sour mix, or to taste
3 organic oranges, thinly sliced

Mix the first four ingredients in a standard-size pitcher (about 60 oz. capacity). Add orange slices, cover pitcher, and refrigerate overnight.  Serve in pretty glasses, ice cubes optional.


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