fresh watermelon juice

one thing i love about mixing up drinks is seeing the beautiful hue that ends up filling the glass… the honey amber of a whiskey sour, the candy-bright red of strawberry lemonade.

if there’s a color i’d like to tint this summer with, i think it’d be the gentle coral of freshly juiced watermelon.

perfectly cooling, just the barest bit of sweet — it’s the best kind of drink to pair with a light summer meal, especially on one of those days when it’s too hot to move, and all you can do is shimmy up as close as you can to the window to catch the day’s last elusive breezes. (we’ve been having lots of those days around here.)

watermelon juice is cinch to make and pretty practical, too. how many times do you find yourself at the end of a summer bbq with leftover watermelon? that’s actually how we came into ownership of this little baby. instead of eating watermelon cubes til we got sick of them, i decided to whir the fruit up into a juice we could gulp down easy.

stored in the fridge in a beverage dispenser — you know, the kind with the spigoty spout, preferably decaled on the outside with cartoon-y watermelon slices — it’s the easiest thing to fill yourself a chilled glass and get that much closer to some fruit-fueled late-summer zen.

Watermelon Juice
Adapted from Cookie and Kate
Makes at least 4 servings, depending on the size of watermelon
1 small  seedless watermelon, cut or spooned into chunks
juice from 1 small lime, or to taste

  1. Working in batches, blend the watermelon until liquefied.
  2. Stir in lime juice, taste, and adjust as needed. Strain out pulp, if desired, and chill.

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