the sky last night


and back to regularly scheduled programming.

this was the sky last night. unbelievably soft looking and the sweetest combination of sherbet hues, the clouds cracking open to a final brightness, an end to an otherwise gloomy day. i walked my two dogs, and a smattering of raindrops began to fall; i felt them land on my nose and my wrists and fingertips.

later, in the middle of the night, i woke to the sound of more rain falling. heavier this time, fatter drops, more steady in rhythm. so i pushed up my window so i could listen as i fell back to sleep.
it is one of my favorite pleasures of living: this sound of rain. in a time when we can engineer so much, plan and manipulate and create so much, i need these small serendipities. to know that beauty sometimes just comes, when you least expect it but most appreciate it. to know that someone else is in charge and that he is good.


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