this place

i come here every once in a while to shake the dust off my writing, wax poetic, and take myself too a little too seriously. but it’s been too long, i think, since i’ve let my mind wander in the other direction – to come here and daydream forward a little.

i know it’s not that hip to make resolutions these days; we’re opting for “intentions,” or choosing a theme word for the new year, or articulating affirmations on the year gone past. and i like those—they’re kinder to the self. but there is one thing i’d like to scribble out for my 2016, a resolution in the classic sense: by this time next year, i’d like to have a new home for myself. a new space to nurture the old me. i’m a nester by nature, and a hostess through and through. it’s time to give her a place to shine.

it will be a place to gather friends again, over dinner


or over hot mugs of tea, warming our fingers and fueling long chats

latte mugs

a place to mix up drinks and toast to big celebrations and small victories.


there will always be lots of light


and places to curl up


and little remindersyou-make-everything-beautiful-illustrated-art-print-01.jpg

of what makes this place a home.