it’s not a color i wear naturally, but paired with cotton-fresh whites, a bit of sparkle, and a cold drink or two, i think it’s just the hue to usher in a new season of warmer weather… punchy pops of juicy ruby tones to combat the haze of summer heat. (never mind that california is struggling under a layer of storm clouds this week. sunshine and brighter days are coming – i am sure of it!)

chiffon scallop shorts at urban outfitters


mini crystal wildfire necklace at j.crew


essie nail color in “chubby cheeks”


huarache gladiator sandals at urban outfitters

breezy eyelet sundress (with pockets!) at jcpenney


pink ruffle cake by call me cupcake

{more pink cakes here and here and here… and learn how to make those buttercream ruffles here!}


ambi glass at cb2


homemade rhubarb syrup {photo and recipe by seven spoons}


{photo via oncewed}

frosty lava flows


of sea and sky

over here, we’re riding that wonderfully hopeful transition of winter into spring. every few days the skies cloud over and the air stays cool and gray, but it’s never too long before a new wind blows through, bringing fresh warmth and delicious sunlight.

until spring shines through in all its most vivid hues, i’m finding myself dreaming in shades of blue – the color of these cool mornings and mild days.


tuxedo ruffle curtains at urban outfitters



linen “bardot” dress at talbots



“curve” teapot with mesh infuser
(at places like stash tea, paper source, and amazon)


clothbound penguin classics, covers designed by coralie bickford-smith



latte bowls at anthropologie



capri blue jar candle in volcano at anthropologie



japanese washi tape at urban scarlet



painted dot airgo chair at pbteen



“jubilant” – fine art photograph on etsy

love love

i tend to think a lot of what goes along with valentine’s day isn’t all thaaaat romantic, but i fully embrace it as an excuse to be unabashedly girly and shamelessly, over-the-top sweet.

my party-planning partner-in-crime and i have already dreamed up a dessert party with heart-shaped cutouts of pound cake to be dipped in chocolate fondue, pink-frosted sugar cookies showered with sprinkles, and marshmallow hearts to plunk in hot mugs of cocoa. like i said: over-the-top sweet.

will we really pull it off? will any males come within 10 feet of the festivities? that remains to be seen, but – as it is with the lovely finds below – the fun is in getting inspired.

mini heart mirrors at pbteen



“a hidden apple” – miniature artist book by elsa mora


crochet heart garland: how-to at design*sponge


doily clock on etsy


doily coasters on etsy



tiny heart ring on etsy


a most fantastic february music mix – tracklist and link to download at miss moss

a grown-up wish list

i can’t help it – i love things. pretty things. delicious things.

when i dream of the life i wish to one day have, i dream of the things that will fill my home – the books that will put their weight on my shelves; the tea set i will bring out when friends are over; the little ornaments i will line up on the mantle, each one reminding me of something or someone different.

inspired by the visually delicious gift guides over at design*sponge and the lovely list of books at lottie+doof, here is my own little collection of beautiful things i can’t stop thinking about.


mosaic wall mirror at urban outfitters


“blue duchesse” china by vera wang for wedgwood


“jasmin de virginie” corsage bracelet on etsy


wingtip heels at urban outfitters



cartolina iphone app


60s roly poly cocktail glasses on etsy


kate spade “on the dot” bangle



“sailing along together” print on etsy

material things

it’s friday, which means it’s nearly the weekend, and that means it is time to cheer up.

a beautiful little print arrived for me in the mail yesterday:


…full of delicious little details and my favorite colors.


it’s from an etsy shop called beethings, whose work i saw on design*sponge not too long ago.  the print caught my eye, and i made a late-night impulse buy: my fingers went clickety-click and my credit card went chargedy charge charge…

i think, generally speaking, you’re supposed to regret the results of such behavior. but honestly, i love all the things i’ve bought on a whim.

the most recent before that was this pair of fabric-covered button earrings:

i spotted them in a tiny shop on a tiny street in san francisco, and with the encouragement of an enabler/friend, they were tucked into my purse in no time at all – my wallet a few bills lighter.  they’re sweet little things, and i’m making a promise to myself to wear them more often.

{i did some investigative googling and found the maker (crafter? jeweler? artist?): cookie & the dude.  (i knew there was cookie in the name.)  you can see more of her earrings here. yummy.}


and i leave you with this little tidbit from yet another impulse purchase.  this time, i fell victim while standing in line at a borders bookstore during christmastime: the adventures of milo & otis, $5.99. no regrets.


the film is definitely a nostalgic favorite of mine.  i watched it for the first time when i was in elementary school, back in those days when going to my friend’s house to eat grilled cheese sandwiches off of tupperware plates and then play barbies all afternoon was just about the best thing ever.  i watched it again when i was just a little bit older, catching it on tv at some odd hour of the night while battling my first case of jet lag – and it was soothing like no other.

here’s to hoping nothing crabby’s got you by the nose today.

on another note

during my move, i found a long-lost pair of slim silver hoop earrings.  they had slid between the wall and my nightstand at some point in life, and as i dragged my bedroom apart last weekend, there they were, clinging to the wall.  is it strange that amid all this bittersweetness, it’s a silly pair of earrings that brightens me up?  other things too, of course… but imagining wearing them with this dress i accidentally bought the other day

…i can picture myself being fun again.  cue sunshine and breeze through my hair.

one, two, three, four…

(holy crap it’s december.)

here are the things i’m loving.

one: last weekend

two: a soundtrack from a certain movie.

the thing is pretty sexy, i have to say: haunting harmonies, hard edges, a little bit of bam-bam.

…and of course i pick out the two most tragic, melancholy songs to love the best.

bon iver + st. vincent:

lykke li:

“so sad!”


three: miss rumphius by barbara cooney

this little book is so… precious. and i mean that in the least saccharine way possible. sometimes things sneak into the thrum of day-to-day life and quietly nudge you in the ribs and remind you of your oldest, purest, simplest dreams. for me, this book was one of those things.

four: this sweater

i’ll be in the vicinity of a large retail area this weekend. things may happen.

five: i just needed to end on a solid number.

buying heels, kicking them up

lest my brain implode due to all that thinking, last weekend i decided it was time to make like a girl and go shoe shopping.

i bought one pair for practical reasons:

touched up IMG_5199

…to replace a pair i wear to work every other day but that i had somehow majorly scuffed up. (maybe it’s all the rocks i kick over when i park my car in the alley…)

and the other pair:

about as cute as they are unnecessary.

but you know what? la la la i can’t hear you, sense of responsiblity! la la la.