new goodies

my golly, this saturday has been delicious. i hopped out of the house early(ish) to catch a morning ballet class, finally loosening up all those old-lady knots i’ve collected from a month of no exercise and lots of sitting. i stopped by trader joe’s on my way home to pick up all sorts of happy things, some of which came together later to make a happy dinner. i indulged in some supreme couchmallow behavior, catching up on the tv shows i’d missed. and – what always makes one day grander than the rest – i heard some great new music.

if i were one to throw a party (and not the kind where guests sit quietly down to dinner and converse with each other; the other kind), i’d totally stick this on the night’s playlist:

(kind of a weird video, right? but it’s got nothing on this one.)

and i heard a little gem on kcrw this afternoon. it’s a song called “broken headlights” by joey ryan. the way he sings reminds me of bright eyes/conor oberst, except the pain in his voice is a little easier on the ears. i’m always a sucker for a pained singer-songwriter with an acoustic guitar in his hands… and chris douridas can always be counted on to slip a song into his set that tugs me on the sleeve and makes me listen up. and then google the lyrics to track down the song. and then come up empty. and then wait for the broadcast to go up on the station’s website so i can open up their music player and seek to the exact moment where the song gets played and then finally replay it to my heart’s content. [update: found the song at 01:01:30 in the october 3 show. will it sound awesome to you after i’ve talked about it this much? maybe not.] [update update: the song’s now up on his myspace. chris douridas, you make things move. love it.]

it’s how i found this song at first:

and look, now there’s this whole “official video”! (also a little quirky, but hey i guess that’s the thing these days. i don’t mind.) (if the song isn’t doing it for you melody-wise, try the second half. that’s the best bit, i think. i can go floating around in that part.)

so i will just be patient then. is your weekend being delicious?