i wish there were more hours in the day for this:

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or maybe some of this:



i’m currently whirring about in a blur of thoughts as i am preparing curriculum for my new job, while still working full-time at my soon-to-be-old job. it’s a wonderful kind of busyness, because it means i am breaking open a new chapter of my life and busting in right away with all sorts of possibilities and responsibilities… but it’s also a level of frenzy such that i need lots of sweet, milky tea and giant chocolate chip cookies in order to cope.

and these visual reminders of moments of calm, stolen from the weekend – they help too.



hello, this is my mishmushmash of everything i’m currently feasting my senses on.

i’ve been so giddy that “so you think you can dance” is back on. that show never fails to captivate me at least once or twice during a given episode, to hold me very still sitting on the couch and fill me to bursting with inspiration – and possibly the sudden urge to prance, with feeling.

this performance is a good example (starts at 0:30).

the beautiful song didn’t hurt either. i was so entranced by it, in fact, that i went and looked it up, and happily discovered that the song went along with a lovely little music video. youtube is my friend.

the same episode, i was especially taken with a pair of brothers.

they are so dapper, so charming in their performances. and aside from that, i just love seeing siblings who obviously love being related to each other. “my whole life i’ve been waiting for you to grow up, so we could be best friends. you finally made it, kid.” oh sheesh, somebody put that in a movie or something, please.

i also have been listening to this song “help i’m alive” by a canadian band called metric. nobody who knows me would say this is my typical kind of song, but something about it is perfect for this summer – a song to come on the radio at the right moment, on a drive to somewhere fun, when you just gotta roll down the windows and let your hair fly around your face and turn up the volume. looks like the band’s whole album is free to preview here.

lastly, i took this recipe (my new go-to for chewy chocolate chip cookies) and swapped out one cup of flour for some unsweetened baking cocoa, and then added a teaspoon of espresso powder. i took a ziploc bagful of them to go over and watch a dvd with some friends, and at the end of the night a couple of them were squabbling over the leftovers. it’s always a good sign when your baked goods can start a fight or two.

chocolate chip cookies

i’m sure a lot of you have your go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies. i do, too – a gently tweaked betty crocker recipe – and i’ll probably hang onto it for one of those nights when i want something chewy gooey right this instant… or for when the apartment gets cold and i need a reason to turn on the oven. (is that sad?..) but for all other times, oh boy: this one is it.

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