grand epiphany

so. i have found the purpose of this lavender lemonade (previous ambivalence expressed here). its true calling? to be slipped into the porch swing.

all that jibberjabber i had going on about how the cocktail tasted “pretty” and “floral”… well, that means it provides the perfect backdrop for some frou-frou fancy-pants lemonade.

here is what i mixed up tonight:

4 parts hand-squeezed (fork-twisted, if we’re going to be accurate) lemon juice
4 parts lavender syrup (click here and scroll down a bit)
3 parts Hendrick’s gin
3 parts Pimm’s No. 1 Cup
ginger ale to taste

the drink comes out on the sweet side, but i think it balances out just fine as soon as those ice cubes get a-clinking. you could also just start with a little less syrup, and then adjust to taste.

i’m sipping a glass now with some half-burnt sweet potato fries to celebrate, for i am an entire half-day ahead in my lesson planning for class. cheers.


the verdict

{a follow-up from the last post}




orechiette with roasted red pepper sauce

oh, orechiette. i will deal with you later.

so i’ve been known to let my emotions twist and warp what they may, and this very well may be another example of that. the sauce had great flavors. it had that sweet, unique flavor of red bells and the savory taste of softened onion and garlic and the cream to smooth it all together… but when the forkful of pasta got to my mouth, it just didn’t feel the way i thought it would. not smooth and luscious enough… or something. i’m going to keep working on this, because it’s just so close, and there is hope yet.

and the orechiette itself? so cute in the box. all “little ears” and buttoncups and heeheehee. in my bowl though? miniature surgical masks or turtle-less turtle shells. bubble burst. just saying.

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this has been a good weekend, guys. i liked it.

i got all sorts of things started that i can’t wait to finish, and that’s just the best feeling.

first of all is this:


{from a post on design*sponge that includes the recipe}

this picture gets me dreaming in all sorts of ways. a cool, country evening… a big porch… barefoot in a ruffled sundress… and yes, some lavender lemonade. sigh, one day. but for now, at least the lemonade part.

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