one, two, three, four…

(holy crap it’s december.)

here are the things i’m loving.

one: last weekend

two: a soundtrack from a certain movie.

the thing is pretty sexy, i have to say: haunting harmonies, hard edges, a little bit of bam-bam.

…and of course i pick out the two most tragic, melancholy songs to love the best.

bon iver + st. vincent:

lykke li:

“so sad!”


three: miss rumphius by barbara cooney

this little book is so… precious. and i mean that in the least saccharine way possible. sometimes things sneak into the thrum of day-to-day life and quietly nudge you in the ribs and remind you of your oldest, purest, simplest dreams. for me, this book was one of those things.

four: this sweater

i’ll be in the vicinity of a large retail area this weekend. things may happen.

five: i just needed to end on a solid number.