(yeah, i really just did that.)

– silver falls state park –









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oh oregon

i think i might be a farmgirl at heart.

all right, so i arrived in 3-inch heels that kept poking into the dirt whenever i stood still for too long… and we got teased for locking our car behind us (“where are you guys from?” “los angeles.” “ohhh.”) but you know, on the inside. i’m all country.

the wedding was a sweet little ceremony in front of the house, complete with a princess bride reference and a dog named frodo as the ring-bearer.

then there was a little mingling here and there under a great big tree.

everything took place under the great big tree. i love great big trees.

the groom was the oldest son of one of my dad’s two old grad school buddies (diagram needed?), so the wedding brought the trio back together again.

i don’t think i’ve ever seen my father so giddy. these were the guys who – when my dad first arrived in missouri, fresh off his flight from a faraway country – became his friends. and taught him inappropriate words in english. i overheard tales of halloween pranks and hallway ice fights, and it’s doing strange things to my idea of dad.

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short intermission

this song. i’ve got it on repeat, in my heart.

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