a couple more things

…from studio choo {offshoot from my last post}

i would prefer this to a dozen roses any day:

bouquet{photo from the full diy instructions here.}


and whatever guy thought up this card message gets major points for his poetic simplicity. it made me giggle:

card msg{from their blog}


a day at the office

another day of inspiration, thanks to design*sponge.

i’ve been thinking about a lot of things these days, but the topic that has been so rudely hogging about 97 % of my brain space is the subject of work. i’m one month into this new job and constantly counting over the ways it pushes the limits of my capacity for stress …and the ways i would be lost without a reason to work this hard.

but i was reading this post today…

a day at the office{photo by studio choo at design*sponge}

…chronicling a day in the life of a couple best friends who run a flower design company in san francisco.

it was just lovely getting a glimpse into this small business, the kind where you can keep two feet on the ground (you know, where the flowers grow) but let your head do the dreaming.

and while i love teaching – working with words and stories and sentences, and finding a way to distill everything down to kid-level – it made me realize that i miss doing the kind of work that requires only my hands and my greatest sense of beauty. i miss the craft.

i spent my undergrad years as an art major – trying all the time to paint my insides out – and then nearly every free moment apart from that thinking about food: how to make it, how to eat it. and whether it was something i was good at or not, the space for creativity satisfied a part of me that’s shriveling just a little bit these days. a part that i can feel reawaken ever so quietly every time i read about (or feast my eyes on or tune my ears to) some beautiful thing someone else is doing.

how to braid inspiration back into life… i guess that’s an art in itself.