so l.a.

urth caffe never fails me.

honey vanilla latte – ordered strong, because that’s how this little machine runs these days.


chicken curry sandwich – pleasantly sweet in between crusty halves of that fantastic bread.


berry tart – tastiest little red and blue baubles i’ve ever eaten in the month of december.


i carried quite a belly around with me the rest of the day – but that’s okay because driving all over los angeles and laughing loudly count as exercise, right?


i wish there were more hours in the day for this:

resized IMG_4824

or maybe some of this:



i’m currently whirring about in a blur of thoughts as i am preparing curriculum for my new job, while still working full-time at my soon-to-be-old job. it’s a wonderful kind of busyness, because it means i am breaking open a new chapter of my life and busting in right away with all sorts of possibilities and responsibilities… but it’s also a level of frenzy such that i need lots of sweet, milky tea and giant chocolate chip cookies in order to cope.

and these visual reminders of moments of calm, stolen from the weekend – they help too.